The Liberal Agenda

Liberal is defined as being "open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values."  The fact is that almost everybody is liberal in some form.  Many believe we have become too liberal.  Some yearn to return to the days of President Ronald Reagan.  Others want to return to the days of President Abraham Lincoln.  There are others that want to return to the days of the Founding Fathers.  However, those examples are more liberal than the previous generation.  The fact is every era becomes more liberal than its previous generation.  My question is this: where do you draw the line?  Should we return to the era of the original Constitution that does not contain the Bill of Rights, counts slaves as 3/5 of a person, and only allows male property owners to vote?
The two keys in the definition, to me, are "open" and "willing."  There is nothing that says you are forced to discard traditional values.  There is also nothing wrong with willing to discard traditional values.  Thanks to modern medicine, I am willingly to discard previous barbaric forms of treatment.  The computer allows me to discard typewriters.  The calculator enables me to discard an abacus.  As new ideas are discovered, it is our obligation to determine if these new paradigms are valuable or should be discarded.
I am truly a centrist, but I consider myself a liberal.  I am open to believe in all ideas, including platforms from both major political parties.  In my opinion, a Democrat that refuses to acknowledge that Republicans have some good ideas is not a true liberal.  They are swept into the trap of partisan politics.  I truly believe that Satan smiles every time people refuse to recognize the good that comes from all people, communities, political parties, and religions. And let's be honest--"liberal" is a relative term, anyway.  Imagine an ultra-conservative is elected, doesn't that suddenly make Senator Hatch a liberal now, relatively speaking? If yes, wouldn't that mean he is now part of Satan's plan? Suggesting that a "liberal agenda" is part of Satan's plan implies there is only one correct political opinion.
What it comes down to is this: the only person whom I would trust to make the correct political decision is my Savior Jesus Christ.  Last time I checked, He has not yet returned.

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