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  • published Problems, Solutions, and Gratitude in Blog 2014-10-13 15:19:59 -0700

    Problems, Solutions, and Gratitude

    The United States of America has problems. Ignoring all of the foreign policy dilemmas, the US has major issues related to health care, education, equal opportunity, racism, and economic growth. These problems are not unique to America. It would be easy to find the flaws in other developed countries. Pointing out flaws is both simple and effortless. The hard part is finding solutions that cannot not only be passed by Congress, but can also be reasonably enforced and implemented.

    Instead of trying to assert my intelligence by jumping on the blogging equivalent of a high horse and writing a one page solution for unsolvable major problems of the world, I instead want to highlight some simple everyday annoyances that should be legislated.

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  • @MormonLiberals tweeted link to Are You Willing?. 2014-09-16 09:13:04 -0700
    In which @andrewrhutchins asks an important--the most important for Mormons?--question about #guncontrol:

    Are You Willing?

    Another day, another shooting. Another blog post about gun control? No. It is an issue that has already been exhausted. Nobody needs to read another post that will not change any mind or create a truly civilized debate. Those who like firearms are opposed to at least one form of gun control, namely banning all guns. On the other side, those who do not like guns absolutely love gun control. This will never change. If you are interested in the troubles with academic studies relating to crime, keep reading. Otherwise, skip the next paragraph.

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