Micah Spicer

  • commented on If You Love Reagan, You Should Love This Guy 2015-02-24 15:11:34 -0800
    There is so much that is missing here. Obama as a State Senator in Illinois sponsored legislation that required medical staff to ignore a failed abortion and not give a living abortive failure any care.
    Obama is not only handling the discretionary budget he is handling every organizations purse through memoranda
    Take TX and SD out of the Jobs market and you see a net negative Job growth.
    I could go on and on. You guys are spin masters supporting a plank that robs individuals of their Agency.
    Under King Noah their was a grievous tax burden to bear of 50% under Obama we have seen this rise above 50% for those who make over 100k and 67 percent combined with those who make over 212k.
    Also Obama fails to raise the standard of liberty when it comes to his preferred Religious Theocracy in their quest to establish a one world government. Militarily Obama is a fool.


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