Scott Woodruff

  • commented on I'M STILL HERE: THOUGHTS ON THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF MEDICARE AND MEDICAID 2015-07-30 11:22:16 -0700
    First of all I must be forward and admit that I have known Paul personally for much of my life. We grew up together in the same neighborhood.

    Thank you for being so personal and honest about Medicare and Medicaid and the impact they have had in your life. I find truth in your words that most who discuss the topic tend to generalize the recipients who benefit from these programs as lazy, degenerate and otherwise pond scum members of our society. I would like to share my experience with these wonderful community resources and how they helped my family.

    In the fall of 2001 I entered the architecture program as a full time student. Little did I know that the demands of this very rigorous program would eventually find me losing my job and health benefits. It would not have been a problem if not for the fact that my wife and I had two young kids at the time and going four years without medical coverage was not a viable option. Life happens, accidents and illness abound with young ones and soon after losing my job my wife applied for Medicare and Medicaid for her and the kids. For some reason I don’t understand I was never covered, but the peace of mind that my wife and kids were covered helped me focus on my studies. Along with the health care plans W.I.C. And food stamps really saved our bacon.

    Now these social programs did benefit us during our time of need and we will always be grateful for the safety net they provided as I spent my time in school getting a leg up so that I could eventually improve my station in life and work as a professional with a college degree. Which meant that I could now contribute back into the program from which We so gratefully benefitted.

    Trying to stereotype and categorize the recipients of a stout and long lasting program such as these only to denigrate it in the eyes of your constituents so that its demise can be justified is ludicrous.

    Paul I hope you are successful in getting your message out and know there are many, many more that are in the same boat as you.


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