Eric Lopez

  • commented on I'm a Mormon and I Stand with Planned Parenthood #standwithPP 2015-08-14 07:03:05 -0700
    I don’t care if you are a Mormon,

    I’m ethically opposed to abortion. And I don’t think I should be forced to fund a facility that provides it. Especially when they are making 90 million in annual profit and are being funded 538 million by my tax dollars.

    Also, I think it’s odd how they’ve had 197,070 abortions while making 2,486 adoption referrals in 2013.

    Another thing, PP claims to have only 3% abortion services. How do they keep that number so low? Well, out of every 1/8 (12%) of women who have an abortion, they (PP) check to make sure she is pregnant. That counts as a service (we’re at 6% now). Then, they give her some protection in the future (2 more services). There you have it, 3%.

    One more, abortions make up 36% of PP revenue. I find that rather disturbing.


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