I'm a Mormon and I Stand with Planned Parenthood #standwithPP

I am an active, believing temple recommend holding member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I am also a board member of the c4 arm of the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah.

These two things are not a contradiction.


As my Church teaches, I am morally opposed to abortion except in the instances of rape, incest, and extreme endangerment to the mother. I will never personally have an abortion except in those cases. Indeed, even if I ever find myself in any of those situations, I’m not sure that abortion would be my choice.

However, I also believe the Constitution of the United States is an inspired document and I believe its authors — our Founding Fathers — got it right when they separated Church and State. Hence neither my or anyone else’s religious beliefs should define policy. I recognize that not all Americans share my moral beliefs on abortion and therefore I follow the Clinton school of though: that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. It’s not government’s job to legislate rarity. That is the job of education and prevention. Both services, incidentally, happen to be provided by Planned Parenthood.

Try a little exercise: have you lived someplace where everyone isn’t majority Mormon? I have. Have you lived someplace where the majority believe differently than you? I have. Have you lived someplace where the majority are not only a different religion but majority non Christian? I haven’t but put yourself in another’s shoes. Do you really want the law of where you live to force the practice of religious beliefs that are different than yours? I don’t. So why should yours or mine or anyone else’s religious beliefs determine what a woman can and can’t do with her body in the eyes of the law? It shouldn’t. 

Even though my religious beliefs are otherwise, I will fight with every breath I have for a woman to have the right to make the choice that is best for her. I will fight with every breath I have to make sure that if she chooses abortion, that she has safe options within a reasonable distance of her home.

It is immoral and wrong to place your religious beliefs ahead of another’s when it comes to policy. This is why I proudly stand with Planned Parenthood.


Now, Planned Parenthood is so much more than simply a provider of abortions and defender of a woman’s right to choose. Through my service on the Utah board, I have come to see that Planned Parenthood is rather amazing. Planned Parenthood provides factual, necessary sex education (which has been proven by many studies to be a major, if not the #1, preventer of unwanted pregnancies). PP provides reproductive health services for women AND men, with and without healthcare. PP is a full-service OB-GYN facility. A doctor at a PP facility can administer your annual pap smear, install an IUD, prescribe birth control pills, and treat an STD, among many other services. I often tell people that I wish there was a similar organization to PP that provides general healthcare, not just reproductive services, for those without insurance. PP provides materials and education necessary for safe sex. PP actively advocates for freedom in reproductive health. I can’t even list all of the positive initiatives perpetuated by PP. Spend an hour on their website, and you will leave impressed. Further, a PP staffer will never try to pressure a woman away from adoption or keeping a child and towards an abortion. They will simply educate the woman on her options and support her in whatever choice she makes. 

I know several LDS women who have needed abortions in the cases of rape, incest, and endangerment. Two are very close to me. One was my former Young Women’s president, who had to abort her fallopian tube pregnancy. Once upon a time, when I was a politically conservative teenager, I judged her for her choice. I thought it was better that she died then kill a baby (even though that baby wouldn’t have been able to live). I have since repented for this horrific, horrific sin of judgment and I am grateful for Christ’s Atonement that enables me to repent for my past sins. The other woman is a former elected official and dear friend. I am very glad that both of these women are alive and they are only alive because abortion is safe and legal. Without their abortions, they would have died with their pregnancies and never would have never my life. 

Why am I writing this post now? Because there are lies being perpetuated on the internet.  Heavily-edited videos supposedly shows a senior Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA, the mama organization) staffer negotiating the sell of fetal tissue resulting from abortion. Another video shows bloody footage of abortions. Rule #1 of the internet: don’t believe everything you see and read. The video is a lie. 10 times the staffer states PPFA doesn’t sell fetal tissue for profit, and in all 10 instances, this was edited out of the video. Yes, a woman may legally donate the fetal tissue in some states, and in those states where this is legal, PPFA affiliates follow all laws and established ethical practices and in 0 of those cases does the PPFA affiliate benefit financially from the donation. And yes, the staffers tone is terrible and PPFA has apologized. Utah law states that fetal tissue cannot be donated and must be sent to a state pathologist; therefore, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah does not have a tissue donation program. 

We Mormons “believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men.” We Mormons also believe in the importance of agency and freedom. Act with honesty and stop circulating and believing a video based on lies. The creators of this lie are likely to release more videos. Don’t believe them. As a lover of truth, seek out the facts. While I’m on the topic, my dear, fellow Mormons, it’s time for us to fight for real religious freedom. Religious freedom isn’t just taking government out of religious beliefs and practices, it’s also taking religion out of government.


More info from Planned Parenthood of Utah: http://ppacutah.org/response-to-false-video-attacks-on-planned-parenthood/ 

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  • Randy Bennett
    commented 2015-09-04 12:17:18 -0700
    I am a little more permissive on reasons for abortions because I have seen tragedies of teen parenting gone bad, as well as cases where “extreme endangerment” would be hard to define.
  • Eric Lopez
    commented 2015-08-14 07:03:05 -0700
    I don’t care if you are a Mormon,

    I’m ethically opposed to abortion. And I don’t think I should be forced to fund a facility that provides it. Especially when they are making 90 million in annual profit and are being funded 538 million by my tax dollars.

    Also, I think it’s odd how they’ve had 197,070 abortions while making 2,486 adoption referrals in 2013.

    Another thing, PP claims to have only 3% abortion services. How do they keep that number so low? Well, out of every 1/8 (12%) of women who have an abortion, they (PP) check to make sure she is pregnant. That counts as a service (we’re at 6% now). Then, they give her some protection in the future (2 more services). There you have it, 3%.

    One more, abortions make up 36% of PP revenue. I find that rather disturbing.
  • Stacy Applegate
    commented 2015-08-10 22:45:38 -0700
    Hey, I know… let’s just have an entity that sponsors safe rape. That same entity should also provide helpful services too. I mean, rapists need cancer screenings and birth control too!! It’s okay for one person’s convenience, needs and desires to impose on another’s well-being. Yes, it’s true that pesky religious people may deem it offensive but let’s just keep “religion” and “morals” out of this. Rapists need not concern themselves with any pain or discomfort inflicted upon their victim. After all, if a rapist is going to rape, then we need to be sure they can do so safely lest there arise back alley rapes where they might be injured. Do you see what I did there? Although that may be a harsh comparison given that SOME abortions maybe necessary and justified, the VAST MAJORITY are for the sake of pure convenience, lest a woman be burdened by her own offspring. Planned parenthood exists because there is a demand for abortion. PERIOD. There are many resources available for men and women to receive birth control, cancer screening and STD testing. If I’m not mistaken the Affordable Care Act ensures that ALL low income Americans have access to such services through general and specialized care physicians.
  • Paul Albers
    commented 2015-08-10 22:20:45 -0700
    Oh, and as far as an LDS woman getting an abortion is concerned, the church most certainly does have authority from God to stand in judgement of her decision and impose consequences if directed by the Spirit to do so.
  • Paul Albers
    commented 2015-08-10 22:17:46 -0700
    Patrick, you know full well that the percentage of abortions done for the reasons acceptable to the church is a small percentage of the abortions that take place at PP. You can’t facilitate PP without facilitating immoral abortions, and PP’s stance on abortion in general puts it very much at odds with the church making it an organization that members should not be supporting as per the temple recommend questions. You can’t use the 5% of valid abortions to whitewash the other 95%.

    Each person is accountable for their choices, and a member choosing to facilitate or perform an abortion without having good reason to believe it is morally justified puts their standing before God and the church at risk.

    Willful ignorance is no defense. Even if they do not face church discipline, they will still be accounting to God for every single one at the Judgement. The woman will have to account to God for her seeking and getting one, and those facilitating it will likewise have to account for their role in it.

    If a woman is raped, she should be reporting it to the police, not covering up for her attacker so he can victimize another woman. I know that is not an easy thing, but it is the right thing. And since the church rarely ever makes any information about who gets disciplined for what public you really have nothing but your own bias to guess at what has happened in the past.
  • Patrick Duchesne
    commented 2015-08-10 20:22:19 -0700
    Also, I don’t think any doctors or nurses have ever been subject to church discipline for performing abortions for the very reasons I’m stating.
  • Patrick Duchesne
    commented 2015-08-10 19:20:15 -0700
    You’ve probably never been raped Paul, and even if you have, you might not be like others who don’t want to talk about the fact that they were raped. An organization performing an abortion on a rape victim shouldn’t force their patient to have to reveal that… for example. Thank you.
  • Patrick Duchesne
    commented 2015-08-10 19:18:20 -0700
    I did articulate a rational argument as to how facilitating PP in performing abortions doesn’t conflict with what is said in the church handbook. I said that certain abortions are acceptable to the Church. Therefore there has to be acceptable for such a place that performs such abortions to exist, and for a member to work there. But there isn’t a rational argument for such a place existing only to serve Mormons. Such a place, if it complies with the law, does that work, and leaves the judgment between God and the woman. It is really no one’s place to decide if a woman is making the right decision except for that woman and God. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else can make that decision because we couldn’t possibly know all the circumstances.
  • Maria Smith
    commented 2015-08-10 18:52:52 -0700
    Thank you Paul. I couldn’t have stated it better.
  • Paul Albers
    commented 2015-08-10 17:44:13 -0700
    Patrick, I agree that it is not PP job to figure out if somebody’s reason for an abortion is right according to Mormon Doctrine, but it certain is the duty of a Mormon to live according to the precepts of their faith.

    If you have a rational argument as to how facilitating PP in performing abortions doesn’t conflict with what is said in the Church Handbook and that temple recommend question then I’m all ears. I welcome a reasoned discussion, but I have no time for emotional rants. Emotions and desires do not change what is right or wrong, moral or immoral. Wickedness never was happiness, and the cure for such unhappiness is not more wickedness.

    As for working at the Olive Garden, the comparison is very poor. There is no moral equivalence between serving wine and facilitating an abortion, there is no church policy saying that serving wine is something that justifies Church discipline. Apples and oranges.

    My preference would be that if a woman doesn’t want her child that she put it up for adoption after it is born. If she chooses to do something stupid instead, the consequences are her fault, not mine. Helping people ‘sin safely’ is not something I see the Savior ever doing.
  • Patrick Duchesne
    commented 2015-08-10 16:52:32 -0700
    And comparing people to Nazi’s is petty name calling as far as I’m concerned. This issue is entirely different than a government setting out to purposefully kill a race of people. The Church allows abortions in a variety of circumstances. Allowing women freedom to decide is not the same as government sanctioned murder. Get real.
  • Patrick Duchesne
    commented 2015-08-10 16:39:36 -0700
    So Maria, so affiliating with an organization who’s teachings or practices are only sort of contrary to the Church is okay… but if it’s something you particularly detest, it’s out? I’m not finding heads or tails of your argument. Further, YOU don’t know what women seeking abortions at Planned Parenthood are doing… because you aren’t them. PP provides safe abortions because as you have noted, there are acceptable reasons to have them. If there are any reasons to have them, you can’t sit there and talk about someone who performs them because a woman MIGHT be using it for an invalid reason. That’s the woman’s responsibility.
  • Maria Smith
    commented 2015-08-10 16:24:18 -0700
    Yep, the comparison to Hitler was me, thank you. And how is it not a valid comparison? Hitler and his regime declared Jewish people un-human and their murders were condoned by those who agreed. Unborn babies are now declared by pro-abortion people as inhuman, or “balls of cells,” and their murders are condoned. It is indeed the modern holocaust. It is.
  • Maria Smith
    commented 2015-08-10 16:21:32 -0700
    So, Patrick, you have to insult us with name-calling and the same rhetoric that is always thrown back at people who are pro-life? Notice that each person here responded thoughtfully and respectfully, without any immature name-calling. Did you even bother to read any of these comments? SO many good points were brought up. No, it isn’t PP’s job to apply Mormon doctrine to who gets abortions. But women are not just getting abortions for rape, incest, and threats to their life. They are using it as birth control; thy are using it as a means to avoid the responsibility of having a baby. Within the realm of PP, that’s fine. But WE are talking about it from the Mormon perspective: how can you say you hold a temple recommend and also say that you whole-hearedly support PP? You really can’t do both. You can say you’re a devoted church member, and really think you are. But if you are supporting abortion as a means of birth control, then you are not really able to answer correctly, with veracity, the temple recommend questions.

    Your analogy of working at Olive Garden selling wine is far off the mark in relation to PP. Comparing wine to the death and in later abortions, dismemberment of unborn babies? Please. Big, VAST difference.

    And now that the horror of PP selling fetal body parts and tissues has come to light; really how can you support them? Especially if you are a member of the church.
  • Patrick Duchesne
    commented 2015-08-10 16:05:51 -0700
    Oh look, a comparison to Hitler… very classy.
  • Patrick Duchesne
    commented 2015-08-10 15:58:08 -0700
    Oh look, a bunch of self-righteous no-nothing jerks come riding in here on their high horses to tell everyone how to believe in the Church… You people know NOTHING of the women getting abortions at Planned Parenthood… any of you. There are acceptable reasons for abortions, and it isn’t Planned Parenthood’s job to determine if women are eligible according to Mormon doctrine. I’m sorry, but that does NOT make PP an organization who’s teachings or practices are contrary to the church. If it did, I’d challenge you to find any organization that doesn’t have practices or teaching contrary to the church. If I work at Olive Garden, who serves wine, does that make me an affiliate of an organization who’s practices are contrary to the Church?

    PP provides a safe means of obtaining an abortion, which many of you have noted is acceptable to the Church under some circumstances. I have a feeling some of you would prefer women seeking abortion be relegated to botched back-alley abortions.

    I am ashamed of every single one of you.
  • Paul Albers
    commented 2015-08-10 15:01:48 -0700
    No matter what is or is not being done with the aborted babies bodies, the fact is that PP does a LOT of abortions and very few of them fall into the category of rape or incest or saving the mother’s life. That alone should be enough for a well informed Mormon to oppose them. The church is clear that getting, giving or facilitating an elective abortion leaves a person subject to Church discipline. If the world wants to go down that path, let them do so without any help from any of us.

    Working for PP and justifying what they do is not holding the light of the gospel up to the world, it is facilitating evil and all the spin doctoring in the world doesn’t change that one bit.
  • Richy Hicken
    commented 2015-08-10 11:35:52 -0700
    “If we say we are anti-abortion in our personal life but pro-choice in public policy, we are saying that we will not use our influence to establish public policies that encourage righteous choices on matters God’s servants have defined as serious sins. I urge Latter-day Saints who have taken that position to ask themselves which other grievous sins should be decriminalized or smiled on by the law due to this theory that persons should not be hampered in their choices.
    Similarly, some reach the pro-choice position by saying we should not legislate morality. Those who take this position should realize that the law of crimes legislates nothing but morality. Should we repeal all laws with a moral basis so that our government will not punish any choices some persons consider immoral? Such an action would wipe out virtually all of the laws against crimes.”
    - Dallin H Oaks Ensign January 2001 “Weightier Matters”

    Perhaps the greatest benefit of being LDS is having prophets and apostles that lead the Church and communicate God’s will to us. The LDS Church is a collection of people from vastly different backgrounds, situations, and personalities. This diversity is a very good thing, only as we unite in a common goal of “being one” with the will of God.

    I cringe when I hear Mormon’s justify a position on abortion such as this when it so obviously goes against the teachings of those who lead the Church and speak for God.

    Yes, there is a lot of disinformation about PP and what they do, but just because there is SOME disinformation out there does not excuse us from finding out what really is happening and what abortion really is doing to our society. If we want to know how we should treat abortion, those who perform abortions, and laws regarding abortion, we should be listening to the words of the prophets and apostles.
  • Daniel Hardman
    commented 2015-08-09 22:58:09 -0700
    Like you, I am a Mormon. I see that we share some common values. In particular, I can never be supportive of video that’s deliberately deceptive, and I do believe in truth rather than sensationalism. You say the video is a lie, and I can believe that parts of it are. But if the videos lie by omission, they do not lie by including the bloody remnants of fetal bodies… Such is the real outcome of abortions, and there’s no getting around it.

    Since I have had loved ones in the sorts of crises that might make an abortion the lesser of two evils (life of the mother, aftermath of a rape), I try to stay out of the question of whether a particular woman is justified in making such a choice. I can believe such cases exist. Again, I can see common ground with you there.

    However, you say that making abortions rare is a job for education, and this is where my discomfort with PP gets stickier. I think PP does much less to make abortions rare than it ought to. You say that counselors at PP provide facts and support a woman no matter what choice she makes. This aggressive non-judgment might be necessary neutrality in a few cases, but often, it’s refusing to call a spade a spade, and it communicates the false idea that whatever a woman chooses is okay. Education isn’t just about providing facts, it’s about placing them in a moral context. We aren’t morally neutral when we teach about genocides and slavery in history classes; why do we buy the idea that we should be neutral when we teach about abortion? Abortion is awful. It might be necessary, but it’s definitely awful.

    You say we should get religion out of politics. I don’t believe that’s the same thing as getting morality out of politics, and you will notice that I have made no claims here that are based on religion as opposed to straight ethics. I have lived in many places where I was part of a tiny religious minority, and I understand that there are problems when the majority imposes its morality. But those problems are just as real when the majority is a-religious or anti-religious. Imagining otherwise is wishful thinking.

    I also think that PP is guilty of the same sort of disingenuous portrayals of its behavior and motives as you decry (rightly) in sensationalist videos. I base this on years of reports I have encountered in reputable media and in scholarly studies about racism and abortion, birth control and poverty, and the like. I could be wrong in my conclusions, but you should not assume that everyone who has a low opinion of PP only arrives at it because of one moment of shock from an amateur right-to-lifer.
  • Ryan Bond
    commented 2015-08-06 22:32:23 -0700
    “Let’s ignore religion, the morals and ideas of right and wrong we get from it, and let’s use our own brain power to figure out for ourselves the best way to run this country. We don’t want to offend people who don’t believe in a divine being.” Sounds awesome.

    You’re basically saying “it’s cool God, we got this.”
  • Ryan Bond
    commented 2015-08-06 22:23:14 -0700
    Flaxen cords and pride at its finest here. More and more people in the church coming up with reasons to go against truths of the gospel. Lots of saints saying “yea this is the doctrine, BUT I can make it appear to be a good thing to support sin by describing it like this…….”

    With the exception of rape, incest, endangerment, isn’t a woman’s choice made when she decides to have unprotected sex? Just saying that that is the time of deciding whether or not a pregnancy or baby is wanted, not after the baby’s body is being prepared .

    Also, if you classify secularism as a religion then you’d realize that what you claim to be defending is actually happening in a sense.
  • Paul Albers
    commented 2015-08-06 20:12:36 -0700
    Handbook 2: section 21.4.1 says
    …Church members who submit to, perform, arrange for, pay for, consent to, or encourage an abortion may be subject to Church discipline…

    Are you saying that what you do at PP does nothing to help arrange for, perform, or encourage others to have abortions?

    When you are asked in your TR interview:
    “Do you affiliate with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or do you sympathize with the precepts of any such group or individual?”

    Are you really saying that PP is not a group whose practices are contrary to those accepted by the Church?

    There most certainly is a contradiction. Do you have the courage and honesty to do something about it?
  • Kathy Washburn Bunn
    commented 2015-08-06 11:42:51 -0700
    I acknowledge the importance of religious freedom: we shouldn’t force others to live according to our church’s creeds. And yet, I believe that abortion should be against the law. To me, it’s not a matter of theology; it’s a human rights issue. Stacy Applegate and others have explained that quite well. If you’d like to read more non-religious perspectives opposing abortion, this blog is a great place to start: http://blog.secularprolife.org/

    As a pro-life person, I value the mother’s life as well as the child’s. I do not oppose measures that are medically necessary to save the mother’s life, and neither does The American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists. They make the following position statement on abortion to save the life of the mother:
    Here’s what they say about ectopic (Fallopian tube) pregnancy in particular:
    A pregnant woman in a medical emergency can receive the treatment she needs at a facility other than Planned Parenthood.

    It’s true Planned Parenthood does provide many other services aside from abortion. So do numerous community health centers. http://democratsforlife.org/index.php/articles-and-op-eds/press-releases/890-democrats-for-life-supports-defunding-planned-parenthood
    (The preceding link is from the perspective of pro-life Democrats, so I’d love to hear what you Mormon Democrats think of it.)

    Yes, the tone of the staffers was terrible. But then, we pro-life folks also have a tone problem, all too often. While we speak for the little ones in the womb who can’t speak for themselves, it’s so important that we also seek to understand the concerns of women facing unplanned pregnancies. They don’t want to kill their children; they just want their own lives not to be over. I hope we’ll find ways to work together to help mothers and babies who are in difficult situations, even though we don’t agree on everything.
  • Kathy Washburn Bunn
    followed this page 2015-08-06 11:06:14 -0700
  • Butter Boy
    commented 2015-08-06 10:11:30 -0700
    It’s weird to see PP talking points re-packaged under “temple-recommend carrying Mormon” as if manure repackaged as “organic pre-digested vegetables” would smell any different. But evil has learned if it just changes the wrapper, many will buy it. Not buying it.

    The idea that PP is pro-woman is a lie. They are anti-woman, anti-life, anti-humanity. Is it possible they do some good? So did Hitler. Hardly a reason to let evil continue doing evil because it did something good!!!
  • April Carlson
    commented 2015-08-06 01:49:19 -0700
    Even when I’m unemployed and have no income to pay tithing from, I use my credit card to make my monthly donation to PP. Why? Because they save lives and prevent harm. The U.S. is the only developed country where the numbers of mother’s dying in childbirth is increasing. We also have the highest rate of first-day-infant mortality for a developed nation. Women and their babies need the services PP provides.
    As a child welfare social worker I’ve had the opportunity in my professional as well as personal life to get to know around a 100 women who have used Planned Parenthood services. They fall into the following categories: 1. Poor BYU married students without access to other health care options for family planning 2. Women (not just Mormon women) needing pap smears and breast exams 3. Women beaten for using birth control switching to an IUD 4. Women seeking affordable prenatal care 5. Drug addicts switching from birth control pills to IUD to avoid pregnancy that results in drug addicted/fetal alcohol syndrome/disabled babies. 5) Rape victims getting the morning after pill 6) Women receiving treatment for STD’s (including faithful LDS women who caught the STD from a cheating spouse) 7) Women between the ages of 14-26 uncomfortable getting birth control through their parents insurance 8) Women seeking basic female health information.
    PP reports that they perform abortions. But, I can’t make assumptions about the worthiness of those who do receive abortions without knowing more about their lives and individual circumstances. Maybe someday I’ll meet someone who had an abortion through PP. In the meantime, I care deeply about real people facing difficult life situations that have depended on PP to prevent harm and to receive needed treatment.
    To all the commenters making anti-PP/ anti-abortion statements, stop and consider if you are truly Pro-Life or merely Pro-Birth. Does your political activism stop when the baby comes out of the womb? If you are Pro-Life, what are you doing to tend to the needs of the poor and disenfranchised, to ensure that the baby does not die on day one outside of the womb? What are you doing to ensure his mother is healthy and can care for him? How about the 400, 000 unwanted children in foster care waiting for adoptive homes? By trying to defund PP you’re only causing harm to individuals that already face immense challenges. You are keeping a sexually trafficked minor from receiving treatment for an STD. You are stopping the diabetic mother from getting the specialized prenatal care she needs. You are preventing a rape victim from getting a morning after pill. You are causing harm. Your judgement is taking more lives than it saves.
  • Suzanne Storer
    commented 2015-08-05 22:55:55 -0700
    I have had an ectopic pregnancy (fallopian tube pregnancy as you described it) and NEVER EVER EVER would I say that I chose to “abort” my baby! That is offensive on every level. An ectopic pregnancy can only end in one way, with a ruptured fallopian tube. This leads to the death of the mother AND the baby. I LOST my baby, I did not abort it. I was fortunate (through the grace of God) to have survived the ordeal of emergency surgery due to a ruptured tube. To have someone even bring the word abortion into the conversation is ignorant! Do you want to say that a woman who miscarries and needs a d and c, aborts her baby too? Rationalize your own way of thinking any way you like but leave ectopic pregnancy out of the abortion conversation!
  • Maria Smith
    commented 2015-08-05 22:08:52 -0700
    I had a lot to say, but Paula Taylor said it all so perfectly. To add though—Jewish people used to be considered as non-humans by Hitler and the Nazis. That was the popular thought then, and if that came back, and was here in the U.S., you could use the SAME argument now: separation of church and state, to say that you don’t believe that they are non-humans and should be slaughtered in concentration camps, but you believe in the right of those who do believe that way to choose to kill them. It is the SAME thing. You could proud hold your temple recommend and proclaim that all day. It doesn’t make it right. A baby developing in the womb is not a religious idea, principle, opinion, or sentiment. That is a living human being. It is NOT a “blob of tissue” as pro-abortion people love to say. It is a highly -organized developing tiny human being. All of the organs and the bodily structures are in place at 10 weeks gestation. The tiny hear starts beating just three weeks gestation! That little fetus has the ability to feel pain. It is not a woman’s right to choose to kill her unborn baby. Where is that baby’s right?

    I stand with the church on abortion, and as far as rape, incest, or endangerment to the mother—personally, I would not choose abortion in those instances. But as the church has declared, those circumstances are different. While on that subject—terminating an ectopic pregnancy can hardly be lumped in that category. Keeping that pregnancy would kill the mother and the baby would be unviable. They usually prescribe methotrexate for that and the body naturally expels the baby. It is a heart-breaking thing. I know women who have lost a Fallopian tube due to it bursting from this, and were cheated out of the baby they wanted. Just had to add this as I do not think his is a good example of abortion.

    Where will you stand when -and I say when because look where we are now- the progressive, liberal flow on the viewpoint of abortion expands to include a baby that has been born—it is referred to as post-birth abortion? I have heard way-out-there-liberals who love the idea of a woman’s right to choose to include her being able to choose to “terminate” her child up to age three. You can say that will never happen, but who would have thought that PP would be selling fetal tissue—and that is most certainly not a lie. Sure they do a lot of good as you mentioned, but it is completely unacceptable that they are doing this. And they are.

    And as far as being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, yes, we will stand accountable for STANDING WITH PP and what it is doing. For fighting with your last breath for a women’s right to [murder] choose? Could you stand before the Lord and explain all this and feel you are in the right? Like Paula Taylor said,one of the first temple recommend questions they ask would exclude you—as you are sympathizing with these groups.

    I am not trying to offend you; but I just cannot see where any member of the church could condone this. And if you know anything about history, is it ok to just dehumanize a group of people (here we are talking unborn people) just because that is the popular view of the people and the government?
  • Stacy Applegate
    commented 2015-08-05 21:47:56 -0700
    Are you serious?? Religious folks believe that laws should reflect the fact that actions are, based on their nature/consequences, either good or bad. The Bible says we shouldn’t kill but no one is arguing that it’s immoral for a mentally competent person to willfully and wrongfully kill another adult, child or baby. WHY? Is it only religion that says murder is wrong?? No. Ethical human beings agree that murder is wrong. You seem to suggest that our representatives, who are religious, should check their values at the door of public policy? That’s NUTS! Why is killing a human wrong only after it’s born? I saw video of a lawyer arguing for policy for abortion providers in her state to NOT have to provide care for a woman’s baby that is born ALIVE in their clinic before an abortion can be completed (in cases of dilation and extraction where the baby is delivered prior to a provider being able to crush its head or rip it apart piece by piece). Please tell me how THAT can be defended??! Murder is wrong but not only because “someone” has determined that a life has value. Abortion, and those who advocate for it for cases of convenience, lifestyle and personal discretion fail to recognize that the very nature of a woman, a mother, terminating HER OWN CHILD’S life in utero is in essence NO DIFFERENT than a mother who kills her baby once it’s delivered. Murder is murder whether it’s done 6 months before or after a child is born. Religion aside, killing babies is ethically wrong and morally reprehensible. You will NOT see me standing with PP…my values prohibit it!
  • L Brackett
    commented 2015-08-05 19:17:07 -0700
    “We Mormons also believe in the importance of agency and freedom.” So if the federal government stops subsidizing Planned Parenthood we are taking away people’s agency and freedom? Are you kidding?
    Secondly, are you suggesting that if our feelings about abortion are based on a religious belief, they are completely invalid in the public sphere? Is this what you think separation of church and state means? That people can’t vote/promote their conscience unless it was entirely uninfluenced by religion?

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