Natalie Wilhelm

  • commented on Going Forward 2016-11-21 10:07:58 -0800
    Thank you Kindred Spirit Amy.
    Your words feel like they effortlessly fell right out of my mouth! You’ve represented my views as a fellow white Mormon woman with the clarity I’ve been searching for. I relate to Mormonism as a Faith based first on the teachings of Christ, and then all the other stuff. Love one another. There are other commandments, but this is the most important.
    This President elect boggles my mind. What were they thinking? Were they thinking?
    Whatever is to be learned from this experience lies ahead, and I will stay present and informed and strive not to live in fear.
    I don’t know why I was born into the privilege I have been given and why others aren’t. I know that my sheltered life puts me into this sweet bubble, where I think about this world and all my brothers and sisters generally with rose colored glasses.
    I fully comprehend that there are communities that are suffering and listen to campaign promises and the comforting(?) fear mongering, and hear his simple words, over simplified solutions and his blatant lies, and want to believe.
    But I cannot comprehend the individuals that have educated ears, claim Christian values, love their fellow men (and women), are not living in a true state of survival, and do not need to live in fear, can listen to him and hear something they want to hear, or TRUST him.
    The idea of letting “Trump be Trump” makes me throw up a little in my mouth. We are about to have an obnoxious reality TV personality lead this great Nation. Really?! I’m not convinced he even really understands or wants the job.


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