Lisa Chatelain

  • commented on Going Forward 2016-11-21 19:09:51 -0800
    This is why I love you so much, and why you are my friend! Thank you for having the courage to write what, I suspect, a lot of Mormon women are thinking and feeling. I feel the exact same way, and I’m absolutely baffled and saddened that so many women (and men) justify his comments objectifying women and his misogynistic devaluation of them. I’m saddened that we are not horrified at this man, and his carnival sideshow of narcissism. I’m truly afraid for our country, and disappointed that this attitude is acceptable in our society. The homophobia, xenophobia, racism, sexism and hatred this man embodies will take our country to new lows it didn’t even reach 100 years ago. I’m so disappointed, and the election results have affected me on a very deep level. It is absolutely reflective of how Hitler rose to power, based on fear, shame, hate and divisiveness. The adversaries favorite tools. I will not feel guilty or ashamed or let anyone else define my views, especially those that try to bully. I will, like you, continue to love my neighbors and pray for our country.
    Love you Amy!
    Lisa Chatelain BS, ASUDC


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