Mark Siddoway

  • commented on Going Forward 2016-11-23 01:10:12 -0800
    I have nothing to say about Trump, but to hold up Hillary Clinton as a paragon of Mormon values is quite ridiculous. She’s pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage (like it or not, a fundamental tenet of the church is that marriage is between a man and a woman). She’s a liar, deceitful and 100% complicit in her husbands mysogyny. Call me na├»ve, but I believe that the majority of Utahns that voted “for Trump” we’re in reality voting against the Clintons and their corrupt, phony foundation (it’s a package deal and always has been). We have a two party system, so some people just have to plug their nose and vote for who they believe to be the lesser of two evils. The hypocrisy of the pro-Clinton argument is embarrassing.
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