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    So i’ve noticed the majority of you who have commented giving arguments that seem to uphold the idea that there are usually no exceptions to commit abortion are men who have no idea what it is really like . Some have even said in the case of sexuall abuse the women must carry the baby to term. Your talking 9 months of pain and sufferring to keep a child though may be innocent will be a connection to the abuser. Sure adoption. What happens when that child grows up and whats to know its identity and comes ─║ooking for the parents. What if the father/ abuser wants to stay in contact with the child that means staying in contact with the mother. Any one who has gone through a tramuatic event naturally wants to quit the elemnts involved in it. No women wants to reunite with her abuser she wants to run away and start over and forget and recover. Keeping it would not allow her to do that. When president hinkley takes into account the exceptions for abortion being the health of the women I wonder if the womens mental health is taken into account or mental health still not taken as seriously as it should be. It’s a actuall medical health issue that often brings your whole immune system down. Pregnancy after 6 weeks most women get very sick. I could not hold down any food or water for 2 weeks I Weighed 45 kgs by the time I was able to see a doctor and had absolutely no energy my whole life was on hold and i felt alone and depressed and for a time just wanted the parasite out of me and could definately not think straight. Also noone did understand they got tired very quickly of having to care for me in my sickness no one understood how sick I was. Simple tasks like brushing my hair became hard. Now imagine a girl with goals ahead of her imagine her depression when she finds out her whole life and dignity will be lost due to that one time she made a mistake she took precautions and used contraception as most girls do but still she must act as an incubator for her mistake. Shes depressed borderline suicidal hasnt had a deccent meal in days just wants to get out she cant think shes just crying and the result is her terminating. Now she feels relieved but bad for being relieved unsure if God can or ever will forgive her she can’t go back to church feeling like this. She becomes more and more depressed. When your depresssed it changes your whole being chemically. Now men phycolocically have a way of seeing the ethical aspects in the world as more black and white this is wrong this is right logic. While women tend to evaluate their moral beliefs based more on feeling and undertanding of feeling, they are simply on a more emotional scale then men are. Of course this is genralising and I learnt this in my degree i’d quote it all but im already spamming enough. My point is theirs often more then meets the eye and im wondering when did the care stop. You want to care for innoccent infant fair enough but if that infant grows into another teen who makes the mistake and has a unplananed pregnancy you stop caring for them and say they must pay the price and throw away their life for that 1 mistake. There are many contradictoary things said about abortion by mormon officials noone really knows if its forgivable or not or even if it is considered as murder or not. Why is God talking in riddles about the matter probably because there is no black and white when it comes to such a emotional matter that has so many complexities and levels. God has his grey area he understands humans and understands us more then we do ourselves he made this whole plan so we may learn to recover from mistakes learn and grow to be happy and come back to him the ultimate happiness. God is mercifull im sure he would not let a soul be robbed of life because someone committed abortion otherwise I have no interest in a God that would do otherwise. God and science also work as a one. That is why gaining knowledge is so important. So when your considering when the soul enters yes you should take science into some account. The only God I want to return to is a fair and loving God who would place himself in my shoes. As this essay discussed above there is no clear answer. Just remember though the earthy consequences for boys are far less painfull for girls so to possibly say the girl who terminates her rapists baby is more sinfull then the rapist is the most unfeeling statement I have ever heard. This was written on my mobile apoligies for any grammical mistakes. I hope this gives you men sone insight.


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