Jim Thompson

  • commented on Bernie and Political Change 2016-05-15 11:31:12 -0700
    I would agree if the Democratic party, of which I am a member, had not done every underhanded thing possible to deny votes for a non-establishment candidate. Too many “anomalies” and “mistakes” have happened to not be an organized effort. You can call this conjecture all you want but when exit polls don’t match what we see then there is a problem, a real valid problem. Not to mention what just happened in Nevada where delegates were not counted. The party is in charge and the party is responsible for ensuring that votes are counted. If not I don’t ever want to hear another Democrat, myself included, complain about Republican obstruction at the polls. If Hillary truly won the majority of votes I wouldn’t complain but I do not believe that is the case and Hillary and the Democratic party aren’t really doing anything to make me believe I am wrong.


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