National Week of Service: #LightWithService

Since the election of President-Elect Trump, many Latter-day Saints contemplate how they can stand for Democratic values like freedom, fairness, families, and the future.

Week_of_Service.pngAs part of our year-long campaign to #LiftUpYourVoice on behalf of the poor and needy, we are announcing our first annual National Week of Service, to extend from Sunday, 15 January 2017 through Sunday, 22 January 2017. By “lifting where we stand” through acts of service, we honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and stand against abuses of government power in every form. We also stand alongside those who have been threatened with harassment and persecution over the past year by the president-elect and/or his supporters.

We invite everyone, regardless of party or faith, to join us in making our lives kinder, our communities more inclusive, and our government more mindful of our "inherent and inalienable rights," institutional fairness, the diversity of family life, and the need to plan for and build toward a better future. Join us here!


How do I get involved?

Sign up (either through Google Forms or Facebook), pick an act of service, and then let us know during the week what you were able to do. Remember any act of service counts! Also be sure to share #LightWithService posts on social media and invite friends and family along to perform the service.

How do I find acts of service to perform?

The Church has two resources: the #LightTheWorld page is full of ideas, and can help individuals find ongoing projects in their local communities. Local newspapers will also have announcements as many organizations use Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to perform community service.

How do I report my service?

After you sign up, you will get a confirmation link. Click on that link, and you’ll be able to report your service. We’ll also provide links through the Facebook event and on our Facebook and Twitter pages where you can report your service all throughout that week.

What will you do with reports of service?

If you opt-in, we will share service examples on our blog and Facebook page as individuals who have sought to #LightWithService during the week. We will only identify volunteers by their first name and either large city or state. We will also report total number of volunteers and acts of service.

Is this a protest or counter-protest?

No. LDS Democrats of America is a “big tent”, one committed to standing for the core values of freedom, fairness, families, and planning for the future. While we oppose several of the announced policies and appointments of President-Elect Trump, we still maintain focus on “standing where we are” to protect and serve our communities.

Can I donate funds to LDS Democrats of America?

LDS Democrats of America is currently an all-volunteer organization for state-level party caucuses. We prefer that you donate to civil values organizations in need. If you want to support the political work of LDS Dems in Utah, you may donate here.

I’m a member of the media writing about the #LightWithService campaign. Who do I contact?

Reach out to Robert Taber, our national chair, and Crystal Young-Otterstrom, our national vice-chair, through the LDS Dems Facebook page or on Twitter.

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