Stacy Applegate

  • commented on I'm a Mormon and I Stand with Planned Parenthood #standwithPP 2015-08-10 22:45:38 -0700
    Hey, I know… let’s just have an entity that sponsors safe rape. That same entity should also provide helpful services too. I mean, rapists need cancer screenings and birth control too!! It’s okay for one person’s convenience, needs and desires to impose on another’s well-being. Yes, it’s true that pesky religious people may deem it offensive but let’s just keep “religion” and “morals” out of this. Rapists need not concern themselves with any pain or discomfort inflicted upon their victim. After all, if a rapist is going to rape, then we need to be sure they can do so safely lest there arise back alley rapes where they might be injured. Do you see what I did there? Although that may be a harsh comparison given that SOME abortions maybe necessary and justified, the VAST MAJORITY are for the sake of pure convenience, lest a woman be burdened by her own offspring. Planned parenthood exists because there is a demand for abortion. PERIOD. There are many resources available for men and women to receive birth control, cancer screening and STD testing. If I’m not mistaken the Affordable Care Act ensures that ALL low income Americans have access to such services through general and specialized care physicians.


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