A New Page in US-Cuban and US-Iranian Relations

In recent weeks, the US has seen dramatic changes with two age-old policies as relations have begun normalizing between our nation and Cuba, and the historic nuclear agreement negotiated between the United States and Iran. These two policy changes are monumental achievements for the Obama administration considering the five-decade embargo and travel ban regarding Cuba, and a warming of relations with Iran that have been icy at best for over 30 years.

Regarding the normalizing of relations with Cuba, Rep. Jim McGovern said, “Today is a historic, long overdue day. At long last, the Cold War policies of the past five decades are almost over. I have long supported normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba, easing travel restrictions and allowing greater engagement between our two peoples. The changes announced today by President Obama open the way for a more mature and productive relationship between our nations.” The US Chamber of Commerce echoed Rep. McGovern’s support, stating "We deeply believe that an open dialogue and commercial exchange between the U.S. and Cuban private sectors will bring shared benefits, and the steps announced today will go a long way in allowing opportunities for free enterprise to flourish."


In relation to the Iran nuclear deal, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that “This is an important step in putting the lid on Iran's nuclear program." Her prime challenger for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, said “I congratulate President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the leaders of other major nations for producing a comprehensive agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. This is a victory for diplomacy over saber-rattling and could keep the United States from being drawn into another never-ending war in the Middle East. I look forward to learning more about the complex details of this agreement to make sure that it is effective and strong.”

In regard to both policy shifts, to the right—as one might fully expect, at this point—the sky is falling. The Los Angeles Times culled a list of quotes from politicians on the change in Cuba policy, and NPR has a nice collection relating to the Iran nuclear deal. When you get past the hyperbole, it really is amusing to see the stark difference in reaction coming from a majority progressives and conservatives. On the right, there is nearly universal fear, paranoia, and naysaying regarding both policy changes. On the left, the changes in policy are largely viewed as beneficial not only for the US, but the partnering nations, and are seen through a lense of hope and, at the very least, cautious optimism.

Some of this can, undoubtedly, be attributed to the hyper partisan nature of politics at the moment. I have, and continue to, maintained that if Mitt Romney had won in 2012 and made the same moves President Obama has regarding the normalizing of relations between Cuba and the United States, and had his team negotiate the same nuclear deal with Iran, the GOP’s current contenders for the presidency would be singing his praises instead of condemning him outright. Well, except perhaps Donald Trump, but that’s a different story for a different day.

The point is, the change in policy toward Cuba and Iran are monumental, and credit should be given where credit is due. President Obama and his administration have done what his predecessors for the last 30-50 years have been unwilling or unable to do. Do we have reason to be skeptical of Cuba and Iran? Absolutely. Should we keep a close eye on them? Of course. But should we maintain a steady dose of cautious optimism? I believe we should. 2 Timothy 1:7 reads, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

For better or worse, the political landscape is changing. These changes in policy are, I believe, for the better, particularly if they are, as Senator Sanders said, “a victory for diplomacy over saber-rattling and could keep the United States from being drawn into another never-ending war.” It’s for this reason I hope the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind triumphs over the spirit of fear.


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  • Justin McAffee
    commented 2016-08-19 08:07:26 -0700
    Hey Kevin Wally – Is that what “a lot of people are saying”?
  • kevin wally
    commented 2016-08-18 22:12:35 -0700
    Just a follow up a year later. We now know that the Obama administration officially lied about negotiating with moderates. They brag about the gullible media believing their lies.There never was any moderates to negotiate with. We also now know that there was a secrect agreement for the Iranian’s to get nukes five to ten years earlier than what was first published. The big pay outs whether it was the release of funds for coming off of sanctions or payments for hostages most of the money has gone to fund terrorist organizations and their ICBM program. President Obama just became one of the biggest contributers to terroism in history. He is also presiding over one of the biggest holocausts in history as he steadfastly denies Christians refugee status and funds mass murderers in the middle east. History will not be so kind and the current media. Just like with Dem. President’s Wilson (racist) FDR (racist). Also both loved mass mudering dictators. FDR refused to bomb the railroad tracks that would have slowed the slaughter of some of the Jews in WWII. Obama refuses to do what it takes to save the Christians and Jews from this mass slaughter. It takes a very brutal individual to do that.
  • kevin wally
    commented 2015-08-08 15:40:56 -0700
    The Iranians that negotiated the deal are still calling for death to America and the complete destruction of Israel. They are still holding Americans hostages. They have broken every treaty and agreement that they have ever signed. They have promised and Obama agreed that they will continue fomenting terrorism and promoting proxy wars against our allies. They are already sanitizing nuclear sites to hide what they are currently doing. Pres Obama tells us they will waite 15 years or forever to get a nuke but if the US congress doesn’t sign this agreement they will have one in six months. This is insanity. If they can have one in six months it wont matter what is signed. To add insult to injury we have to protect the Iranian nuke sights against our allies who have not chanted death to America and promised to kill every Jew in the world. I guess that the people that are killed by the progressive’s approved dictators and supreme leaders don’t count.
    If the Cuba deal was so great then why did the Obama administration lie and hide the facts about Cuba’s human trafficking and drug and terrorism connections. He says that the sanctions were a failure. The sanctions were not set up to change Cuba. They were set up to stop them from promoting terrorism/communism around the world. The sanctions were very successful at doing this. Cuba was financially hurting as well and may have been more sympathetic to change. Lifting the sanctions saved the Castro regime from floundering propping them up without any hint of change. Now the Cuban people can stay slaves for a good long time. I think it is very disappointing that you use an amoral organization such as the US Chamber Of commerce that seems only interested in the money and not the lives or the freedoms of the Cuban People to support your position. The Party of Occupy Wall Street is now supper excited about the US Chamber Of Commerce’s support. Now with all of the funds flowing to the Iranians and Cubans is the any other position you would expect from the US Chamber of Commerce?
    By “there fruits you shall know them.” The Obama administration has continually lied about the Iran deal. They have lied about the Castro regime. The Iranians have not kept any of there previous agreements and they were caught with hidden nuke facilities during negotiations. The Iranians are still calling for the death of Americans, Jews, Christians and LGBT people. They have been surprisingly honest and have followed through on the promise to kill everyone that doesn’t want to be ruled by them. Call me paranoid but with fruits like this I am embarrassed for the President. He has negotiated for

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