What is Latter-Day Left?

The blogosphere and podcast fields have been saturated with content. Everyday we are bombarded with opinions and talking heads from every aspect of the political sphere. For LDS liberals there have been very few voices to listen to. About a year ago the LDS Dems caucus brought to us a father and son duo each week with the intent of showing the world that you can be Mormon,  be a liberal, be strong in your faith, and make a difference for the better in this world. 


I'm Marlo Balmanno the creator and the producer of the show and an elected member of the LDS Dem Caucus.   Over a year ago in the fall of 2014 I sat in my kitchen watching my husband and his father play backgammon. They laughed and discussed politics during each role of the dice. As always they hit all the major topics of the week. My father in law, Alain's background is a constitutional law expert and was a Army JAG office, My husband, Cris, an all around tech guru. Both larger than life. Both smart as hell.  Their banter would get louder and louder as the night wore on. I enjoyed listening to the opinions and articles mentioned, their tried and true experiences and knew this would work as a podcast. 

We had to learn how to record the conversations without losing the spontaneity. Our first episode we used a laptop mic and quickly learned that we needed new equipment. Time to record and location was a weekly struggle at first. How to edit a sometimes two hour show into a condensed  hour of engaging radio was a challenge.  I found myself hunched over my lap top for several days. I now have the science down to two days of editing  We were concerned the effort was meaningless when we started receiving emails and tweets from other Mormons who felt that the world had gone crazy around them. We thank those few listeners for showing us that this project was worth the while.

 Now one year out and just having started our second season I am happy with the result. I like to describe the podcast as a mix of theology, science, Meet the Press, Car Talk from NPR, and Pardon the Interruption from ESPN. A little bit of every thing. That is how I like it. Aren't we all a little bit of many things anyway? That is why our listener-ship ranges from first time voters to retirees. So I invite you to take a listen to our labor of love. Latter-Day Left has over 50 episodes with topics ranging from the Bear Ears National Monument proposal to why Trump and Voldemort may have the same campaign manager. You can find all the episodes at www.ldsdems.org or on itunes.

We have quite a few things in store for this season but I don't want to ruin the surprise. 

We hope to hear from you: Tweet us @latterdayleft or find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Latterdayleft/


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