Andrew Bolton

  • commented on Why I am a Mormon Democrat: Brian Ferguson 2022-04-24 09:26:54 -0700
    “ I simply cannot be part of a political party that is in thrall to the false doctrines of selfishness, materialism, environmental destruction, militarism, science denial, gated communities, voter suppression, withholding medical services, racism, sexism, union busting.” This is why I cannot be a Democrat. This man knows he is lying, we know that he is lying, he knows that we know that he is lying—yet he continues to lie. Selfishness? Of hundreds of surveys it’s conservatives, without a single exception, who give far far more to the poor than do Democrats. That’s a fact. Environmental destruction? I guess he’s referring to the CULT RELIGION of “climate change.” Fact, NASA data shows there is no warming. Check out phd, Tony Heller’s page for proof of this statement (he works for NASA). Withholding medical services – that’s a lie. A pure lie. The USA hasn’t withheld medical services in decades. What he’s trying to hide is that he’s demanding “socialized medicine” of single-payer insurance if you will. Here, he’s just too ignorant to know that when you give away something for free, you destroy it for everyone. That’s why a knee surgery in Canada takes over a year. That’s why a follow up visit after an emergency room visit for a heart attack takes two months. And that’s why the new Alzheimer drug is being rejected by Medicaid as too expensive. People need to stand up to these Marxist bullies.
  • commented on Why I am Voting For Joe Biden 2022-04-24 06:08:15 -0700
    So, are YOU going to pay reparations to the over a dozen families who lost loved ones in Afghanistan? Or, are you going to wait to write a bigger check when whole divisions are wiped out in war with Putin?
  • commented on Ezra Taft Benson and Politics 2022-04-24 06:04:43 -0700
    Sitting here on my perch in 2022 it appears that Ezra Benson was right on every single point and that smug (but ignorant) fools like the author were uncannily predicted by Benson.


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