I once was asked a very poignant question from a very serious person.

Where did you come from?

I am still trying to answer that question. I was born in Los Angeles, raised on Sunset, educated in Provo, and employed in Salt Lake City. I work as a Project Manager for the largest fine art and antique gallery in the West. I serve as the Elders Quorum President in my ward in downtown Salt Lake. I love broadway and college football. My parents divorced when I was eight and I got to to be spread out across Southern California, ending up in Moreno Valley before transferring to BYU to complete my degree studying political philosophy. I married a local girl and we put down roots in downtown SLC. My focus on Mormon Press varies, but I promise to get in to far-fetched hypotheticals and use plenty of roundabout analogies to make, what I think, is a point.

Eric is acting vice chair of LDS Dems of Utah, BYU poli sci grad, Jewish convert, and a fine art & antiques aficionado


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