Mormon Progressives - Still Here

These last few days have been ones for reflection on the work of MormonPress and Mormon Progressives. What is that work?

The work stems from core first principles. We are the body of Christ, and the foot cannot say that it has no need of the hand, nor the eye the arm. We know that "principles compatible with the gospel are found in the platforms of all major political parties." We are stronger, wiser, more deliberate, more humane as a people when we gather together from across the political spectrum to worship, to discuss, to minister. Therefore, we at MormonPress advocate for a "Big Tent" when it comes to center and left political organizing. 

That political organizing takes many forms: reducing the role of big-money donors & special interests, pushing for immigration reform, fighting for a living wage, and creating criminal justice & policing reforms, to name a few. The Democratic Party has an unfortunate tendency to forget the less fortunate, to pull towards "middle class values," and sometimes it needs reminders from Latter-day Saints who have learned the pressing nature of these issues through home and visiting teachers.

If you feel that you need to step away for a bit, or for a while, or forever, I understand. If you are struggling with the new policy, trying to find out what that means for your future in the Church, with your family, in your community: reach out!

In the meantime, MormonPress will continue its work, shining light on predatory lending, on the need for Medicaid Expansion, on grappling with climate change, and yes, on abortion and marriage public policies. After all, there's an election less than a year away.

We're still here.

(And if you really want to know where I'm coming from when I discuss public marriage policies, read the essays linked here.)




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