Are Mormon Democrats Disappearing?

In Saturday's Washington Post, Hunter Schwarz commented that Mormons, the most Republican religious group in the U.S., are "moving to the right," and that unlike in most groups, older Latter-day Saints are most likely to be Democrat, suggesting that this trend may continue for a while. While this may be the case in Utah, it isn't nationwide.

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Thank You, Senator Reid

This is a tribute on behalf of Mormon Democrats everywhere about Sen. Harry Reid. I wouldn’t say I know him personally, but on every occasion that I’ve had the pleasure to meet him, I’ve been astounded by his calm demeanor. Despite his undoubtedly stressful job, he’s one of the most unruffled and serene individuals I’ve ever met in — and outside — government. I always come away from those meetings with a sense of peace. On the rare occasions that he looses his cool in the media, I always think, “man, this issue must really matter!”


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Georgia – Leading the Charge Against LGBTQIA Rights

Over the past two years, this country has experienced a surge of activity and progress in terms of rights for the LGBTQIA community.  Students of legal history will note that, as was the case in the 1950s and 1960s in civil rights battles, the federal courts have been leading the charge.

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Support Israel’s Security, Not Its Conquests

Americans have a deep sympathy for Israel’s founding story, which is rooted in the Jewish people’s emergence from one of the greatest crimes of all time- the Holocaust. We recognize that since its founding, Israel has experienced continuous hostility from some of its neighbors - a hostility that continues today. Americans will always have Israel’s back in the face of violent extremism and aggression. 

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There's a Problem When There Are More Payday Loans Than Wards

Have you ever wondered why there are so many payday loan businesses lining the streets of Utah? Me too, and the answer might surprise you.  

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Confronting the Myth of Abortion and LDS Progressives

When I originally wrote the piece “Confronting the Myth of LGBT and LDS Dems” for the LDS Dems blog, I quoted a comment that I felt summed up the two core reasons many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints feel there is an impasse between being an active, faithful member of the Church, and in supporting the Democratic party or, more broadly, progressive ideals. Again, here is the quote:

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Self-Mastery and the Over Consumption Myth

A couple of months ago I listened to the audiobook for A Fighting Chance by Senator Elizabeth Warren. I highly recommend it.

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The World Isn't Getting Worse; It's Moving Forward

Going to ‘heck’ in a hand basket

The world is getting worse. It is the platitude we hear several times a month in Sacrament, Sunday School, and Priesthood/RS meetings. Conversations I have with conservative Latter-day Saints are sprinkled with a world view that pits ward members, me, and my family against “the world”. Some Mormons casually claim that they would be drug addicts and/or in jail without the church; as if that is the only path for the non-religious. The growth in unrighteousness is typically evidenced by a sensational piece by the Wall Street Journal or an inflammatory Fox News story.

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On Prison Abolition and Joseph's Prophetic Support

 I think prisons should be abolished. If you think that’s radical, remember (or learn) that Joseph Smith essentially thought the same.

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Fairness for All

Fairness in the public square is equal protection under the law.

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