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    Thank you for sharing, Matt Gardner of MP. I am also voting for Joe Biden because he holds values that align with what Jesus would do. Biden will ‘bring back America’ and good values. He will help heal the hurt by allowing the health care experts to guide us on abating the pandemic and by building an economy that works for all. He will provide a path that empowers us, the people, to do what we can in pursuing our jobs, careers, and other goals. He will also provide and build upon resources that provide a safety net for those of us who are vulnerable due to age, illness, disability, disadvantage, and other challenges. He will embrace diversity of all types. He will work to ensure a clean environment for all people and wildlife, every creature. He will unite. We are the people of the United States of America.
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    Good morning. I have submitted a few posts over time on this site. I just want to be sure this is a ‘safe’ place to express. I choose my political stance as being more progressive and liberal due to my own experiences, observations, and research from reputable sources too. Through my interpretation, these progressive values embody a more Christ-like perspective. Of course, no human being or human organization will ever be perfect like Christ. I know balance in this life is important. Through some recent personal experiences, I feel the need to freely express my thoughts and concerns here. However, I have received replies from an individual who is trying to tell me and others that our views are not correct. No one can contest another’s experiences. I want to be sure that this site is a ‘safe’ place and that what is stated here stays here. Would someone who manages this site please reply?
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    Defending the Family

    Some Republicans, particularly in Utah, seem to think that the most important fight in defense of the family takes place in the pages of a dictionary. We, the LDS Democrats caucus and the LDS Democrats of America, beg to differ.

    We cannot sit idly by as our Muslim brothers and sisters are constantly under attack by demagogues. We cannot stay silent as refugee and immigrant families are demonized.

    It is for this reason that we announce the publication of a report on the battles currently being waged in defense of the family. With this report, we echo the warning that "the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets." [1]

    We also call upon "responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society."[1]

    Download the Report
    Click to Download the Report 

    Specifically, this report calls upon Utah's elected officials to protect the sanctity of the family in the following areas: immigration and refugees, healthcare, education, the environment, our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, paid family leave, criminal justice reform, family planning, and poverty.

    Our human family is under attack. We cannot, in good conscience, call ourselves "pro-family" unless we are actively, practically, and concretely looking out for the welfare of all families, regardless of their wealth, religion, sex, skin color, gender, race, health, or sexual orientation. We hope our Republican colleagues and friends will reject their anti-family policies, which amount to little more than cafeteria morality. We invite all to strengthen and maintain families all across the state as the fundamental units of society.

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    George R. Gallagher: You have misunderstood my comments. I say this respectfully. While we are to be conservative with our resources and to protect our natural resources as good stewards of the Earth, political Conservatism does not follow Christian principles. I understand about the freedom to ‘choose’. However, what the Conservatives promote for freedom, especially economically, only allows freedom for a very small percentage of the population, ie,. the wealthy and big corporations. They need to be regulated for the protection of the people. We all need to follow laws, including our national leaders and the wealthy. While we all have rights too, we, the people, need protection from the ‘big’ guys. Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles wrote about The Tyranny of Gross Wealth Inequality. We are seeing signs of this in our great nation now. Relegating the ‘common’ people, the poor, the disabled, the widows, and the orphans to poverty is not freedom. True freedom is freedom for all and includes protections for us, the people. Our great nation and our Earth are for all of us. To whom more is given, more is expected. We all cannot do things the same way. God created us as individuals. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Another note about ‘freedom’ is that Conservatives really do NOT truly honor freedom, as many aim to pass laws that dictate how they ‘think’ we should live. They are not leaders of the Church providing guidelines. They are national leaders. We are to have agency in our personal lives. We are accountable for our choices. That does not change. They way of approach hurts many innocent people because they propose cuts to programs that help the vulnerable people in the name supporting what they think is right. Certainly, we want to do right. I am referring to Planned Parenthood for one example. I do not believe that abortion for ‘convenience’ is right. However, PP is NOT about abortions. The primary function is to provide affordable or free, if necessary, health care to people who do not have other access. PP provides health screenings and counseling for pregnancy, for example. PP provides support every step along the way. Being pro-life is about quality of life. It has to be more than just being born. This is not a perfect world. People need help along the way. Christ lived the ultimate example of this. He fed the hungry and comforted the distressed. He performed many miracles for ‘common’ people because we are all precious. I know you know this too. However, I think that some of the Conservative nation leaders are ‘out of touch’ with reality. Their ‘worldly’ success has become greed. It is this greed that will hurt our great nation more than wars. This is a ‘war within’. This is not true peace or freedom. I appreciate your reading my thoughts on my perspectives. We all have the right to expression. I do not claim to be any authority or guru, but I know and feel what I observe. The best government would be the Law of Consecration. However, the world is not ready. This cannot work unless everyone, especially the powerful and wealthy truly observe it. I even learned in Church that the Church recognizes this cannot be done in the true sense. We pay our tithing. That is what we can do now. It is fair. This is what Progressives or Liberals in government promote to encourage strength and fairness in our communities and our country. Those who have greater income and resources contribute more. They should be doing so. However, many of the Conservatives are trying to reverse these policies. Their policies lead to greater ‘gaps’, inequality, and contentions. Again, I really do not think that is true peace or freedom. Again, thank you for reading. We may have to agree to disagree. That is fine. May God bless you.
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    Brian Ferguson, I agree with your statements. I believe that regulations are necessary to level the playing field for the protection of the common citizen from the powerful. We are to protect the vulnerable, the poor, the elderly, the children, and the disabled. It is our moral obligation. We, as God’s children, are to rise about the mentality of "survival of the fittest’, or in this modern day ‘the wealthy’. We know from the teachings of Jesus that He reached out to the poor and all the vulnerable in liberal charity. He fed the hungry, etc. As we also know, those who have more should give more. ‘To whom more is given, more is expected’. Our tithing is fair and equitable with the 10%. That is greater for those with greater income. Our nation, as any nation, is not just a business. It is a nation of people, who need a government to represent them. At this time, I observe that many of the policies being proposed will hurt the most vulnerable. This great nation is for all of us, the people, not just for the rich and powerful. We are all God’s children.
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    I agree with your statement, Herm Olsen. I vote for policies that protect the people, especially the vulnerable (the poor, the elderly, children, the disabled, physically and mentally). This is what Jesus did through His actions and teachings. I also vote for policies that protect our environment, our Earth. We are to be good stewards. I believe the purpose of the government is to set laws to level the playing field for protection of the common citizens from the powerful. Our nation is a nation for all of us, not just the wealthy and powerful. We all will be held accountable for our personal choices. The government has no place to dictate those matters. However, when the government tries to pass bills that will cut protections for the vulnerable that encumbers freedom. Democratic values support freedom through equity and fairness. Those who are wealthy should pay more taxes to help the vulnerable. Consider the fairness of our tithing. It is 10%. Those with greater income pay more, and those with less pay less. We all contribute. It is fair. Our national government should make laws to follow such guidelines. The greed of those in power will hurt our nation more than terrorism. We stand for the values of democracy as a welcoming beacon to others in the world. I agree we should build bridges and not walls.


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