Yes, Systemic Racism Still Exists

sys•tem•ic sĭ-stĕm′ĭk, -stē′mĭk

adj.        Of or relating to systems or a system.

adj.        Relating to or affecting the entire body or an entire organism.

Today I want to talk about the second definition: Relating to or affecting the entire body or an entire organism.  The body we’ll talk about today is the United States of America.

However, instead of talking about systemic racism in the abstract, I’m going to talk about racism in my own life.   We all know the statistics systemically (% of CEOs, % of wealth, etc).  I want to talk about my own life history with racism.

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The 2020 Republican National Platform


WHEREAS, The Republican Party this year decided to forego the regular debate and process that goes into creating a political platform;

WHEREAS, The Republican Party decided to base all her principles on Donald J. Trump, his rhetoric, and actions;

WHEREAS, The Republican Party decided to also adopt their platform created in 2016; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the following is our de facto platform.

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The Advantages of Being Dishonest in Politics

Dishonest politicians have huge advantages in the political process: they can pick their party and their messaging, and they have significant fundraising advantages. Dishonest politicians work under a quid pro quo, which means large “donors” are really investors. It can take a lot of work and effort on the part of voters to combat these advantages, but voters need to be vigilant in their rejection of dishonest politicians.



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Black in America

I find it difficult to talk about race.  I was born of privilege.  I come from Scottish, Irish, and English ancestry, with a few Germans or other European ancestors mixed in.  My family never owned slaves, as far as I know.  I live in a state with a 1% black population.  I have 2 black Facebook friends, neither of whom I contact regularly.  I am just about as far removed from the plight of my darker skinned brothers and sisters as anyone could be in this country. 

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Why We Weren't Prepared for COVID-19 Part 3

After President Trump declared a national emergency on March 13, I think most people in the United States (including me) breathed a sigh of relief. After watching the signs, reading the news, seeing the infected count rise day after day, we needed some leadership at the top. While the performance of his declaration was not spectacular, at least he did it and now the country could get to work on minimizing economic damage and lives lost.

That hope was in vain.

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Why We Weren't Prepared for COVID-19 Part 2

Between Christmas and the New Year in 2019, my family decided to take a trip to Las Vegas. It was a chance to get away. It was also a chance for my oldest daughter, who is serious about violin, to get some intensive training from her teacher. She practiced and had lessons each day through to the afternoon and evening. After she was finished, we'd go see the sights. We saw the Bellagio fountains. We ate at interesting restaurants, went shopping, and had delicious treats. We made our way home for the New Year. We celebrated with lit up sparklers and friends.

A world away, the World Health Organization talked about a mysterious pneumonia sickening dozens in China.

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Why We Weren't Prepared for COVID-19 Part 1

I remember the Spring of 2009 well. It was one of the first times I sang in General Conference as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Our firstborn daughter turned 2. We celebrated with a pinata, pizza, and some stuffed animals that were bigger than she was. Cousins came, friends and grandparents came. The party was a success, complete with a tiara. Our 6-month-old daughter enjoyed the festivities as well.

We didn't know at that time that an invisible threat was looming on the horizon.

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Government By The People?

I follow Senator Lee on Twitter.  Every once in a while I'll get on and like some things, and retweet others.  I don't spend much time on Twitter.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to be online when an Mike Lee made an announcement that he will have a town hall the following day at 2:30 in Draper.  My job is fairly flexible as far as scheduling goes, so I moved some meetings around, carved out the time, and trekked down to Draper to do my civic duty.  I was there 15 minutes early.  

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It's an Anchor, Not a Crutch

President Trump was acquitted by the Senate a few days ago; in an impeachment trial without witnesses: a first in our 200+ year history.  In each impeachment trial previous there have been witnesses called by the senate that weren't called by the house.  One Republican Senator thought that a testimony such as John Bolton's could give him some doubt as to the President's guilt, thereby saving him from what he knew he must do to keep his oath: vote to convict.

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Top 100 Reasons to Impeach Trump

A friend of mine recently posted a series of 100 reasons President Trump has earned removal from office.  She also included 24 "dishonorable mentions".  She agreed to let me post them here.  You can follow her on twitter here: @tburages.  She always posts insightful, well-documented images detailing the corruption of this president in an easily digestible format.  I've started at the bottom and worked up to the top.  Enjoy.

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